Sometimes our dreams are so detailed and vivid, we mistake them for reality. That's the concept of Mobb Deep's new video for 'All A Dream' featuring The Lox. Each MC details what they envision during slumber in the visual.

"Jumped up from sleep, soaking in sweat / Heart beating crazy from a dream I had / We was doing it up, cash flowing, I know you hear me n---- / But you not knowing champagne bottles and hundreds flowing in the pool / So much poppin' the jacuzzi was full / Mad hoes for the bro and everybody rolling up, we could all smoke," spits Prodigy.

Although all five MCs do a decent job of sticking to the song's concept, Styles P is the only one who goes off the rails and spits a verse that barely mentions anything about dreams. "Coke on the scale, money for the bail / Looking in the rear view, feds on the tail / Used to mix E&J with Ginfer Ale / Sold crack when mom's drank pink champagne," he rhymes.

The Mobb rented out a mansion for the shoot and hired a bunch of scantily-clad video vixens. The visuals are very similar to their 1999 video for 'It's Mine' featuring Nas.

'All A Dream' is off the Queensbridge duo's latest album, 'The Infamous Mobb Deep.'

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