There's plenty of reasons to be excited for the upcoming NBA season, like the potential dramatic value of seeing Rasheed "Technical Foul" Wallace as an assistant coach and LeBron James' and the Heat's existence, for instance. For New Yorkers, seeing Metta World Peace, aka Ron Artest, team up with the elite Carmelo Anthony and entertaining sharpshooter J.R. Smith is an understandable reason for excitement -- even for non-New Yorkers.

World Peace didn't wait until November to start entertaining though. He stopped by Hot 97's morning show show to talk about his upcoming season with the Knicks. Host Ebro noted that while World Peace was dropping rap songs, he had to be focused on getting the Knicks a ring (they haven't won one since 1973).

World Peace responded by saying, "Biggie said you gotta rap or play ball." With that being said, we get 'Peace,' his latest single.

The track actually isn't that bad. World Peace floats over Lucky's horn-based production by rhyming using the many definitions of peace. He chants, "We're trying to bring Peace to the world," and it's not entirely clear if he's talking about actual peace or himself, World Peace.

We're fine with either.

Listen to Metta World Peace's 'Peace'