Rick Ross’s endorsement deal was terminated by Reebok after protests about suggested rape lyrics by the Dade County rapper on a remix of Rocko’s U.O.E.N.O. The botched deal didn’t leave Rozay bitter, even though it cost him millions of dollars. He released a statement thanking Reebok for their hard work and dedication. A member of Ross’s MMG family, Meek Mill, wasn’t as civil with his words.

“F--- Reebok. We wear Pumas. That’s what we do. We wear Pumas. As far as the Rick Ross situation with Reebok – I just don’t approve of none of that. I don’t approve of no companies trying to dip and dab in our culture and then when you make a mistake they dip out on you.”

Meek made a head-scratching comment while citing other artists associated with the brand, Swizz Beatz and Tyga. “Before Rick Ross and Swizz and Tyga, it was no Reebok. These companies they actually follow our culture and make money off our culture and pay us like a pimp.”

If you’ve been rockin’ Reebok’s lately, Meek hasn’t noticed. “Aint nobody wearing Reebok.”