Another day, another rap beef. Meek Mill's ongoing feud with fellow Philly native Cassidy gets interesting with the MMG rapper's diss song 'Repo.' The track is a humorous jab at Cass who, apparently, had his car repossessed a few months ago.

Over a thunderous beat, Meek calls Cassidy a clown and lays a wreath at his fictional wake (check out the photo he posted on his Instagram). "The funeral starts at 9:30pm the final viewing tonight," Meek spits.

He also addresses Cassidy's challenge to a freestyle battle in Philadelphia for $100,000, which will go to charity. "You talkin' about a battle rap/ How you gonna handle that? / Hundred grand p---y n----, you ain't got the talent for that / You ain't got the stash for that / You the one we're laughing at / You ain't got half of that / They pump you up / Asthma attack," he raps.

Cassidy initially started the beef when he released his song, 'Me Myself & iPhone,' a few days ago. As for Meek's diss track, the 'I'm a Hustler' rapper seemed unfazed by it. "Where's the funeral? He expected to kill me wit that bullshit! 5 min song! Not 1 quotable bar! They need to repo his rap book.. Lol." he tweeted.

What do you think? Is Meek Mill or Cassidy winning this rap battle? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to Meek Mill's 'Repo'

What do you think? Who is winning the battle between Cassidy and Meek Mill? Tell us in the comments below