Taking a break from all those ICDC College commercials, Master P is making a comeback in the music industry. P. Miller returns with a new mixtape, 'Al Capone.'

The project comes fresh off his five-year hiatus from rap. He's preparing for his new album, 'Boss of All Bosses: The Godfather Album,' scheduled to drop later this year.

Feeling like a "godfather" to the rap game, P channels Al Capone in his return to reclaim his spot at the top. The New Orleans native is back on his southern gangster ish.

Tracks like 'Brick to a Million' and 'Take a Ride' get you thinking that this is the Master P from his 'Ice Cream Man' days, but sadly, it's not. While we give him credit at times for staying true to himself and keeping it all the way G with lines like, "New n----s wearing dresses, f--- it / I ain't scared to address it / Gangsta n----s on skateboards / I'm at the house breaking motherf---ing headboards / Real n----s stand up," on 'Brick to a Million,' the struggle on this mixtape is too strong not to overlook.

On 'Al Capone,' Master P sounds like an old, struggling rapper trying to find his way back into a rap game that he clearly doesn't recognize. It seems like the No Limit Soldier asked who the kids were listening to nowadays, and that's who he got for features.

For a "ratchet" sounding record, he uses Chief Keef on 'It Don't Make No Sense.' He enlists Kirko Bangz for 'Friends with Benefits,' and for a street, drug-inspired record, here comes Meek Mill on 'Paper' to round out current rap cliches.

Master P sounds dated on this attempt. Bringing in whoever is hot currently, and rhyming about what is popular in the game right now -- like the drug of the times, molly -- P. Miller doesn't satisfy much for those waiting for his new album. It's like that old dude at the family barbecue trying to do the latest dance move -- not a good look.

Lines like, "It must be your booty cause it ain't your face / Poppin' mollies in this bitch I'm about to catch me a case / Ooooo, I'm on that Molly / Skeet, skeet motherf--- all on that Harley," just make you want to scratch your head. What was Master P thinking?

You can only go off of legacy for so long, and for Master P, that time has long passed.


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