So Strange Music just continues to come out with the sickest MCs in the game. one of my favorite new comers, Rittz came out with his new album Last Call. Ritz really came with it and then some more with this album.

His flow is so dope he's definitely 1 of the best fast-rappers in the game that no-one knows about but people need to know about Rittz because he's got whole lot to say. On this new masterpiece of an album of his content on this project is so relatable he rapped about one of his friends who had cancer and how hard that was for him to deal with.

He rapped about how he's just like everybody else that goes through peaks and valleys like everyone else in this world. If ya'll haven't heard this album yet I HIGHLY suggest you listen to it.

This by far one of the best albums of this year hands down for sure. His lyricism & wordplay is on-point as ever on this album. After hearing this album you guys will be wondering why I didn't check Rittz out in the past before.

Rittz always comes correct and he's a wordsmith with the rhymes like none I've ever heard before ! You should definitely check this album it is available on all streaming formats.

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