New York State just approved another round of cannabis cultivators, aka farms that can legally grow marijuana. That means that things are moving in the right direction to get the legal adult-use cannabis industry up and running. While marijuana use is legal in the state, there are no dispensaries or on-site consumption lounges just yet (outside of medicinal marijuana). The 36 new licenses indicate progress being made to set up the state's cannabis industry infrastructure. But here's the thing, using marijuana or marijuana products is not quite a 'free-for-all.' there are still rules and regulations to abide by.

Can an employer discriminate against a cannabis user in New York State?

The answer is both yes, and no. There are certain instances when marijuana use can be an issue when it comes to your job. Here's what you need to know:

Can Your Job Discriminate Against You For Using Marijuana In New York State?

New York State Issues 36 More Cannabis Cultivator Licenses

New York has issued 36 new cultivator licenses, which permit farms around the state to grow cannabis. The 36 licenses are in addition to the 52 issued in April. The 88 farms were selected out of more than 200 that applied. One of the conditions of the licenses is that the farms had to have previously grown cannabinoid hemp,

508 Land LLC
Andrew J Pirozzolo
Torrwood Farm LLC
4 Erratic Farm LLC
Karker Hess and Davis LLC
Stop 28 Farm and Nursery Inc.
Hop-n-Hemp Tea Inc.
Old Mud Creek Farm LLC
Bridgehampton Loam, LLC
Bunker's Hemp LLC
Jack Bear Farm LLC
Tap Root Family LLC
Mary L Strassheim
PC Development Corporation
Hydro Grow NY Inc
Graceful Roses LLC
Windsor Cider LLC
Tumbleweed Farms, LLC
Gardenworks Farm LLC
Unhinged Hemp Farm
Windy Hills Farms LLC
NG GrowersInc.
LaDolce Vita Farm Inc.
Homestead Farms & Ranch, LLC
Donald Spoth farm
Joseph H Sega
Ithaca Organics, LLC
JRS Naturals
Adirondack Hemp LLC
Misty Bleu Farm, LLC
Miss Perry Farms LLC
Walter J Samselski JR
Grow Source LLC

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When You Can't Legally Have Marijuana In New York State

Here's The Penalty For Getting Caught Driving While High In New York State

Before you decide to consume cannabis and then illegally drive under the influence in New York, you should know the real cost of your decision. Not only will you have to pay up in dollars, but you'll also pay with time, a hit to your license, and possibly injury or death.

The penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are pretty harsh in New York according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Here's How To Get Your Criminal Record Sealed In New York State

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