In hindsight, Mariah Carey‘s video for her floundering single ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)‘ is prophetic. Mimi gets in the ring and metaphorically, she won’t back down or give up without a fight.

We love the song, but it has stalled. It hasn’t taken off at radio as expected, so we’re hoping this vid can help give it the boost it needs. This honeyed tune may not have rocket launched at first, but Carey, one of the most chart decorated singers of all time, won’t give up or hit the mat yet!

While the diva and new ‘American Idol‘ judge doesn’t put up her dukes in the boxing-themed video for the song, which features Meek Mill and Rick Ross, she is surrounded by people who do. At first, ”Triumphant’ sometimes feels like a hip-hop song that merely features Carey and reserves her for the choruses, but that’s remedied when she is prominently featured in the visuals. She’s the gilded, gorgeous eye candy and the centerpiece of the clip, poured into slinky gold minis and gowns, a curtain of blond hair both sleek and wavy framing that beautiful face.

Mimi is flanked by a mink clad Rick Ross while she’s ringside. Meek Mill is the one throwing and taking punches. The glamorous side of boxing, which is a brutal, physical sport, is demonstrated on the surface, but underneath it all, the video and the song are about keeping ya head up and not giving up. What better way to illustrate that life philosophy than with a boxing metaphor?

Mimi holds up the ring cards, sings in the middle of the ring with a drop-down mic and is showered in glitter. She triumphs!

The vid thematically signifies her comeback. She’ll take her licks and keep coming back. The cutest scene comes when Mimi throws a few punches just before she is drenched in a glitter shower.