Since the beginning of 'American Idol' this season, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj haven’t seen eye-to-eye while sitting at the judges' table. Rumors of Mariah getting the boot and Jennifer Lopez replacing her have spread and the heat between the 'Beautiful' singer and Nicki has escalated in recent weeks. Nick Cannon, Mariah's husband, believes the producers are feeding into the whole mess.

Nick tells KTLA News that 'Idol' producers are fueling the fire to gain ratings. “My wife has been taking the high road, trying her best to just take it, but it feels like the producers and everybody else wants to just play into the sound bites and stuff like that," he says. "It’s unfortunate.”

Before the season began, he states that Mariah warned the producers that there will be blood between her and the ‘The Boys’ rapper. "'I don't think this is gonna work. ’I didn’t sign up to be on ‘Love & Hip Hop,'” Nick reveals of what Mariah told him. While he doesn't confirm or deny if Mariah will return for another season of ‘Idol,’ he simply says, “She’s so focused on her music and what she really loves to do.”

Last week, Mariah released a new single, ‘Beautiful,’ featuring Miguel.

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