Seriously?! What is going on out here? People are just raging over nothing. This couldn’t have happened over no chicken sandwich at Popeyes.

Now a couple of weeks ago, I told ya’ll about how Popeyes was bringing back that chicken sandwich.

Well, there was a fatal stabbing in Prince George’s County, Maryland at a Popeyes! Yes you read that right, someone literally got killed while waiting in line to get this sandwich. You are thinking what I’m thinking right? There has to be more to this story.

According to police, the fight initially began in line when a man cut in front of another man and then the altercation escalated and spilled outside where one of the men was stabbed. The 28-year-old man went to the hospital where he died from his injuries. The suspect is still at large and police are hoping he turns himself in.

So folks out here cutting lines just to get this chicken sandwich? Like I’ve always said, you be careful how you treat people out here, at any moment someone can snap.

Cutting the line is a form of disrespect, and obviously, when done to the wrong person it can result in injury or death.


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