Apparently, you can die from having too much sex.

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I was scrolling through my personal Facebook account when someone posted the story. This isn’t new, but ridiculous enough to report.

According to Daily Mail, prominent Nigerian businessman Uroko Onoja came home from a long  night of partying, ready to "release some tension" along with his wife... and that did not go over well with Onoja's other 5 wives, who thought their husband was favoring the youngest wife. As he entered the room of the youngest wife , 4 out of the other 5 wives forcefully demanded that he also have sex with them, being hit with sticks and knives until he complied.

When the 5th wife was ready to "get hers", Onoja died before he could carry out the good deed.

I always thought it would be poetic to die while getting it rockin’ in the bedroom… And I still do. He went out the same way he came into the world…

Read the outrageous story here.

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