After releasing the provocative ‘B—- Bad‘ video, Lupe Fiasco reverts to a softer yet earnest tone in his new clip ‘Battle Scars.’ The song is clearly for pop radio consumption with its yearning vocals from ‘Australian Idol’ winner Guy Sebastian.

The song is about overcoming your problems that have left scars on you whether it be emotional or physical. The video shows various people who write in their journals of the suffering that they have faced in their own lives including abuse, bullied, abandonment and emptiness. “You hope the wound heals but it never does / That’s because you are at war with love,” Fiasco suggests.

The Chicago rapper and his fellow crooner also take their message to a war-torn street with abandoned buildings and rubble all around. The video ends with a message to the viewer to “Turn off your computer right now… and go outside and do something to change the world.”

Lupe Fiasco’s inspiring ‘Battle Scars’ will appear on his upcoming album ‘Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 1,’ which arrives in stores on Sept. 25.

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