Ludacris seems to be having a blast with his new hosting gig on MTV's Fear Factor revival on MTV. The rapper has been busy prompting contestants to get involved in some gross and scary challenges. In a new exclusive clip from the network, the "Vitamin D" rhymer is seen encouraging contestants to drink a protein shake made from ingredients like liver and sardines.

The episode preview features a group of fitness experts as contestants, gearing up for the ultimate fear workout. Contestants Joe and Kyle blend liver pâté, beef liquid extract, espresso and old sardines into a protein shake that they must drink to complete the challenge. One of the contestants even remarks how he has a weak stomach while trying to down the disgusting drink.

Contestants on the show compete in a series of different challenges that get them closer to winning a grand prize that totals $50,000.

The new Fear Factor series serves as a new installment, which is custom-created for a generation that is increasingly empowered. The challenges are based around urban legends, popular scary movies and even viral videos from social media and the internet.

Watch the new exclusive clip of Ludacris on Fear Factor with the daring contestants below and catch the full episode of Fear Factor tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

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