After being inducted into the 2013 XXL Freshman class, rapper Logic is ready to shine with his long-awaited Def Jam debut album 'Under Pressure.' Unlike the title, the Maryland native is not feeling any pressure of being an artist on a major label.

In an interview with the Village Voice, Logic credits Visionary Music Group for bringing the opportunities his way. Although Def Jam is backing his project, the hard work and dedication belongs to his independent label.

"Quote me: 'Def Jam has not done s--- for my career except give me money,'" he states. "That’s awesome. They gave me the money I needed to go out and create what you see. They're a bank. That's what they're good for."

"But Visionary Music Group is the reason me and you are talking," he continues. "They’re the reason I'm successful. I'd be nothing without Chris, my manager and founder of Visionary Music Group."

Logic also revealed that at one time, Nas wanted to sign him to his label, but, incredulously, he turned him down.

"He’s the man. He was such a good dude," he recalls. "For me, I never wanted to live in his shadow, and in my mind, I had all these other deals, Def Jam included, and I could sign under him and forever try to fill his shoes or I could try to be his labelmate. I chose the latter, respectfully."

When asked why should people care about Logic, the 24-year-old rapper gave an answer that was quite logical.

"I think people should like me because I'm my f---ing self," he said. "I know that might sound weird. I don't try to be anything that I'm not. Miles Davis said, 'You play for a long time before you learn how to play like yourself.' I feel like the mixtapes were never cohesive -- I was getting there, and it was sounding good, but the album is a body of work."

"It’s a little cliché, like, overcoming and making it out, but it really is that. It's legit," he added. "It’s more heartfelt than "MC Killer Murder Dog" talking about making it out of the 'hood, or whatever the case may be."

Logic’s new album, 'Under Pressure,' is in stores now.

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