A great local story about someone who just did a little extra for a complete stranger.

Nicole Trembs of West Milton works at Dock Brown's Lakeside Tavern in Saratoga and got the surprise of her life during her shift the other day. As she mentioned in her Facebook post, waiters and waitresses deal with a ton of different people each day which "range from amazing to poor on a daily basis," as she says.

The other day while she was working, she met someone special. She had one person sitting at one of her tables whose interactions she described as "just a short lunch and a few good conversations later." When she got the bill back, it left her in shock! She mentioned having received $50+ and maybe $300 once, but this complete stranger left her $1000 on a $23.01 bill. Underneath the total, the person wrote "Best wishes with the baby! Get your masters done!"

Because the person just left it on the table, she was unable to thank the stranger before they left, saying "you sir deserve all of the good karma coming your way." She's hoping to show that any bit of kindness that you can do for someone else can make such an impact on that person's life.

I have no idea how anyone would know who this person is, but Nicole mentioned wanting to thank them. If they don't want to reveal who they are, that's fine, but if you know who did this, maybe let them know or have them react out to Nicole directly. I love seeing great local stories like this that remind us of the good things in this world.

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