Does some part of your brain perk up when you hear the Capital Region on National TV? That's what happened to me! I was watching this new true crime series and to my surprise, John Gray was opening the show!

I'm obsessed with true crime shows. Live PD, Netflix documentaries- doesn't take much to get me hooked to those. I was particularly excited when I saw that Elizabeth Vargas was coming out with a new show "Cults and Extreme Belief" on A&E and the first episode was about NXIVM.

In the show, Vargas talks to former NXVIM member Sarah Edmondson about her experience in the cult and when the show started I was so surprised by the first faces I saw. Since NXIVM was in this area, it should've been no surprise that they would use local new clips, but I didn't expect to see Liz Bishop and John Gray open up this national show on A&E.

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