At $10 a pack, smokers are struggling to afford their habit. A local man and woman are each facing 40 years in prison for satisfying their craving for a smoke.

Kevin Pooler from Clifton Park and Pamela Richardson of Troy robbed LeBeau’s Grocery on Fourth St. at knife point on Sunday night. The clerk battled back but the suspects made away with 8 packs of smokes. Police interviewed Pamela on-site as a witness before they saw her get in the car with Pooler. Police stopped the two and found the ciggs and the mask used in the robbery.

The brand of the cigarettes weren’t disclosed but after seeing the mug shots I would assume they snagged some low level, tastes like pencil-shavings smokes to puff on while they plan their next robbery.

Next time you’re craving a cigg, bum one like the rest of us.