The Capital Region has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. So why wouldn’t we showcase them? Get to know Local HOTtie, Brittney J from Watervliet!

Brittney J, Watervliet, NY

Name: Brittney J

From: Watervliet, NY

Occupation: Youth Advisor/Full-Time Student

Likes: Eating, Cooking, Dancing, Art, Music, Tattoos, Volleyball, Basketball, Animals, Bad Girls Club

Dislikes: Cocky, Conceited People, Illiterate Men, Bad Breath, Jealousy, Petty Envious Females.

Worst Pick-Up Line: Can you thank your parents for me? For creating you…

What Do You Find Most Attractive About a Man: Sense of Humor, Smile, Tattoos, Body Fragrance, Goal Oriented, Hard Working, Compassion.

Favorite Place to Hang Out: Lark Street

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