In case you were thinking Little Mix's career was all glamour all the time, they're giving you a look at the conditions behind the scenes of their latest music video for 'Little Me.'

The British group's portion of the recently released moving, black-and-white official video was shot in a run-down chapel made even more decrepit by set decorators. There's even a pigeon wrangler to give the set that special, lived-in-only-by-birds feel.

But in the behind-the-scenes clip, fans get the chance to see the girls in full color, being attended to by hair and makeup artists, and watching all the cameras zoom back and forth. They also see Little Mix having a little fun in their first real, actual set (not studio) experience.

Perrie Edwards, for one, shows off her comedic side: "This is my lovely bedroom, this is where I sleep," she jokes, waving her arm to show a room full of rubble. "No, it's not really. It's dirty, it's leafy, it's cobwebby, but it's worth it for the video." She has more priceless bits at the beginning and end of the video.

Were the ladies really bothered by all the rubble and dust, though? Nah! They loved every minute of it, if you believe Leigh-Anne Pinnock. "It went really well. Had to get really into it, really get emotional, so that was just bit different, but yeah, I absolutely loved it," she gushes to the camera. "It's just absolutely amazing, and we can't wait for you Mixers to see it."

'Little Me' is the latest single off the group's upcoming album, 'Salute,' being released Feb. 4 in the U.S.

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