Lil Wayne may have reconciled with Baby but he's dropping a song with another rhymer who holds the similar moniker -- Baby E, in "Finessin."

The track, which appeared on Weezy's latest mixtape, No Ceilings 2, sheds light on Young Money's latest signee -- an up-and-coming rhymer from Virginia.

Taking a different approach as compared to Weezy's other artists, Baby E is a young white kid with long red hair. But that doesn't mean he isn't rhyming about trapping either.

"Spending dirty money at the Gucci store / F-----' with the models, eating sushi rolls / She think I'm a rapper, get that groupie love / Baby mama mad, she see me movin' up," he rhymes over the Dr. Luke-produced song.

The two head to a tropical paradise in the visual as they pop bottles of champagne and hang around scantily-clad women. Weezy adds some rhymes as well on top of the track in a sing/rap style.

"Xannies in a plastic bag, call that a sleeping bag / On MLK in a Bugatti, I feel free at last / Percocets, molly and syrup, I got PMS / Chillin' with your bitch watchin' First 48 / And I still got that Act', you know I love the taste," he raps.

There have been many white rappers to gain popularity under well-known rhymers, but only time will tell if Baby E takes the Iggy Azalea or follows Eminem into the upper echelon of hip-hop's elite.

Check out the latest visual above.

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