Lil Pump sounds like he's ready to leave the rap game.

On Thursday (Feb. 13), the Harverd Dropout rapper hit up his Instagram story and wrote that he's done making music. He didn't give any other specifics to his proposed retirement, but his caption alone is pretty self-explanatory.

"I'm done doing music I quit...." Pump wrote in his story, which includes an image of himself and his watch.


It was all good for Pump just three months ago back when the 2018 XXL Freshman was boasting himself as the hottest rapper on the planet. He was welcomed by a sea of fans when he hit the stage at Rolling Loud Los Angeles and paid homage to his late friend Juice Wrld. He even helped out the homeless by passing out food and clothes on Skid Row during the holidays.

Still, Pump seems like he's ready to call it quits. Aside from the recent collaboration he did with El Afla last year, the 19-year-old has been busy with other ventures outside of music.

Back in 2019, Pump did become the face of a cannabis company called Smoke Unhappy. Pump reportedly joined the team to serve as the face of the brand and an official product tester. The "Gucci Gang" rapper also works with the brand by offering his own creative and marketing ideas.

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