Time flies by! Remember the hit song, “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama? Every female swore they lip gloss was poppin! Yes, I’m sure you thought yours was too. So what is she up to today?

She hasn’t had a hit since her debut single but shows like MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” kept her busy (she was one of the three judges on the show). That was a good gig for her but her spotlight started fading soon after. More specifically, when she bum rushed the stage at the VMA’s, trying to steal Jay-Z and Alica Keys’s shine. Lame!

Now she’s moved on to a different endeavor – cosmetics. She’s in the process of launching her own line. In regards to music, she’s taking on a new challenge. Singing! Let’s hope the producers she works with have plenty of auto-tune ready.

Fans are eager to hear what she has up her sleeves. Hopefully her singing career will last longer than her rapping career.


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