Lil' Kim is in hot water for stealing artwork and using it in promotional material for her song 'Dead Gal Walking'.

Makeup artist Samantha Ravndahl is suing the rapper for allegedly swiping her personal photo and using it as artwork to promote the track. TMZ shares that Ravndahl is bringing Kim and photo hub WhoSay to court for at least $150,000 for the image, which she initially posted on social media site Reddit.

She has since taken the image down, but you can see the original and Kim's version side-by-side on Consumerist. Fans angrily demanded that the Brooklyn, N.Y.-bred MC compensate the artist for using the image.

"Pay up the artist or take it down! How low or desperate do you have to be Kim?" asked one fan in her comments section. "Stealing someone else’s hardwork is exactly what the music industry has been trying to stop for years. And then you go ahead and do the same to a makeup artist by stealing her image for your own benefit," said another.

In November, Ravndahl asked the Queen Bee to take the image down, but her team did not respond.

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