The anticipation for the 'Queen Bee' Lil Kim to arrive in the 518 has been building rapidly these past few weeks. Last night after making fans wait until about 1am, the Queen graced our presence and I must say they show was well worth the wait!

Lil Kim made her way to the 518's own Northern Lights late last night (or should I say early Sunday morning) to perform in front of a packed house. I arrived at the show around 11, thinking I was late, turns out I was right on time for the party! With Dj Playground on the tables and Big Ray keeping the crowd hype it was easy to be excited for the show to come.

As the night progressed, the crowd began to grow impatient chanting...



Just as everyone was ready to twist their faces up at the promoters, run their mouths and go home, a HUGE tour bus (Kim's of course) pulled up out back and the crowd lost their minds trying to get pics of 'QB'.

Teasing fans from behind the scene, Kim began to speak into the mic from backstage:

"If yall want to see the Queen Bee you better make some noise Albany"

Rocking a bold Leopard print skin tight outfit, "The Queen" came out sexy and ready to TURN IT UP! Performing hits like 'Lighters Up', 'The Jump Off', and classics like 'Crush On You' and 'Not Tonight'. Oh! Let me not forget she did 'Black Friday' as well (but of courssseee) and brought out Love and Hip Hop's Somaya Reece. Declaring her love for Albany and our support throughout her whole set, Kim definitely left her fans more than pleased!

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