Back in December, a video went viral of a high school wrestler in New Jersey being forced to cut his dreads or forfeit a match just minutes before the match took place. Now the referee who mandated the impromptu haircut has filed a lawsuit for defamation after being called a racist for his actions. Dreaded rapper Lil Jon doesn't feel any pity for the ostracized umpire.

The Atlanta producer was interviewed by TMZ in an article published on Sunday (March 24). He remembered the incident well where referee Alan Maloney forced a clearly emotional Andrew Johnson to cut his hair seconds before a bout. After the incident, Maloney, who had a previous racial transgression on his record, was tabbed a racist and reportedly banned from seeing over further matches. He has filed a lawsuit for $100,000.

Lil Jon, who recently opened a second school in Ghana, feels no remorse. "Dreads are considered to be a man's crown. That's a lion's mane. It's sacred," the crunk producer said of the incident. "So, for this guy to be blatantly racist and now claim he can't get work, well, too bad. You shouldn't have been an asshole. He should blame social media. You can't blame nobody else for that."

He added the ref's actions were, "Just ridiculous."

See what all Lil Jon had to say about the referee gone viral below.

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