Lil Boosie thinks hip-hop is trendy at the moment and he refuses to change his sound to fit in with his rap peers.

In an interview with XXL, the 31-year-old spitter reveals that he respects people following certain trends to sell records, but he's going to keep his music free of today's fads. This means you probably won't hear Boosie shouting out "turn up" in any of his rhymes.

"I am not trying to sound like nothing that's out right now," he says. "I think you start to do that when you listen to these guys so much. If you listen to somebody, that's just life. If you hang around a certain amount of wrong people, you start doing wrong. If you hang around positive people, then you start doing positive things. So when you listen to these dudes, in that same venture, you go and try and make that music that's similar to them."

The Baton Rouge, La., native has been fairly busy since his release from prison on March 5. He reportedly plans to debut two albums this year, one on July 15 and the next one closer to Christmas.