I love stories of something lost, abandoned or forgotten coming back to life and restored to it's former glory. That could be a house, a career and even a vehicle. It's the ultimate underdog story!

If I told you I had a vintage Porsche, you could assume it's in great shape and ready for car shows. Not when it's been sitting outside, in Upstate New York, for 15 years. This is the story of a white 1988 Porsche 928 and it's return to showroom quality.

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What happens to a vehicle, any vehicle, that sits outside untouched for 15 years/ If it's in Upstate New York you can count on snow, sleet and heat pounding that car year-round. Leaving behind a dingy, dirty, moldy and mouse infested hunk of metal. Most cars you might send to the junkyard but not a Porsche.

The guys from AMMO NYC recovered the 1988 sports car and brought it back to their shop to see if they could clean it up and get it closer to be in condition to be sold and enjoyed once again.

YouTube.com-AMMO NYC
YouTube.com-AMMO NYC

According to the AMMO YouTube Channel this particular Porsche was sitting along side a house in New York State, buried under snow. They say it took some convincing and negotiating but they finally got the owner to agree to sell it to them. Now the real work begins.

Scroll through the pictures below to see the transformation from mold and mildew to a like-new shine!

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