One Schenectady legend, Perreca's, will be helping to reopen the doors of another well known Little Italy eatery.

Schenectady has an amazing reputation for great Italian food. Not only the vibrant Italian food, but a great restaurant scene in general is one of my favorite things about the Electric City . One of the restaurants that contributed to that great reputation is about to make it's return, with an interesting twist.

Perreca's Italian Kitchen To Revive Another Legendary Schenectady Restaurant

I know you love some Perreca's! And I am right there with ya. One of the main things I look forward to at our Secret Star concerts is not only the live Country music, but also the amazing spread we get backstage from Perreca's. Even Nashville's finest can't stop raving about their dishes when they dine backstage at our shows! That sterling reputation will now be carrying on the great tradition of another Schenectady dining institution.

Google Maps Streetview
Google Maps Streetview

Cornell's, which shut its doors at the beginning of the pandemic, has announced it is set to reopen this Friday, January 28th and will now be run by Maria Perreca Papa who purchased the restaurant late last year. With the blessing from the restaurant's previous owners Papa is also bringing back staff laid off when Cornell's originally closed.

Cornell's tradition goes back to 1943 and the menu for the reopened restaurant will offer some Cornell's classics like Veal Raphael as well as some elevated dishes to what Perreca's calls the "Cornells Experience."

Reservations at the new Cornell's can me made by calling 518-630-5002 and the eatery will be open Thursday 3 pm to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday 4 pm to 1 pm, and Sunday 3 pm to 8pm.

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