Kodak Black has been quietly releasing music from behind bars over the last few weeks, and he brought his crew along for his latest song. His new track is "Broward County Paradise," a trip down memory lane for the three southern rappers.

Project Baby leads the song off, rapping about his time in the streets. "I'm slangin' K, yeah, I be dealin' shit and stealin' shit/Back in the day, I was a fool and I was ignorant," he admits. While he doesn't see himself as a troublemaker, Kodak doesn't see himself as squeaky clean either: "I'm not a killer, but my nigga they on that killer shit/I'm 'bout my skrilla, I be dealin' just like a dealership."

John Wicks has the final verse, and he sticks to the song's topic. "Back in the days, I was the runner, was the gunner man/Back in the days, you couldn't chill on the corner then," he rhymes. "Back in the days, was one on ones, ain't no jumpin' in/Back in the days, my mama told me ain't no funny shit."

While its still early in the year, 2018 has been full of ups and downs for Kodak Black. While he finally freed the video for his XXXTentacion-assisted banger "Roll in Peace" and had the song remixed by T-Pain, he got into some more legal trouble. He was arrested for various charges, including child neglect and weapon possession.

Listen to Kodak Black's "Broward County Paradise" featuring John Wicks and Jackboy below.

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