Kim Kardashian attended the Vienna Annual Opera Ball last night (Feb. 27) as the guest of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, who paid her $500,000 for her efforts. Despite the posh nature of the event and the handsome paycheck, she was not treated with any sort of respect.

In fact, she was treated in downright appalling fashion. Kim reportedly stormed out early, due to a series of events.

First, someone working at the event approached her in blackface, pretending to be her fiance Kanye WestTMZ reports that the reality star was taking pictures with Lugner when the worker came up to her. Kim walked away from him, but remained at the event for 90 minutes more.

Additionally, another person came up to her and asked her to dance. She said she isn't a good dancer, to which he responded that he would dance with her if the orchestra played 'N-----s in Vienna.'

As if all of this disrespect wasn't bad enough, Kardashian also allegedly claimed that Lugner, 81, was often aggressive, grabbing her and asking her to ditch her security detail. She also suggested that Lugner wanted alone time with her. He supposedly did an interview saying that he was "annoyed" with her for not sticking to the plan.

Paris Hilton previously attended the event with Lugner. So did Carmen Electra.

Some of the events of the evening were reportedly recorded on tape since Kim was also shooting for 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

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