Lupe Fiasco is prepping the release of his new album, 'Tetsuo & Youth,' but before the project arrives, the Chicago MC debuts a few fresh tracks alongside Ty Dolla $ign, '$nitches' and '$nitches 2 (30′s).'

Judging by the titles alone, it seems that the second track is a remixed version of the first one. However, after listening to both, there are clear differences in the beats. For '$nitches,' Lupe went for a more radio-friendly approach with a smooth R&B flow -- the song samples OutKast's 'Rosa Parks.' Ty not only puts his vocals on the "I ain't trickin' on you" hook but also plays producer on the track, which is a call to groupies and gold diggers.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's '$nitches' Feat. Ty Dolla $sign

"If you only love me for the money / Does that mean you gonna leave if that gonna take it from me / Now I ain't sayin' I ain't Fort Knox / But you never know who be at the door when the door knock / That's why we keep the door locked / Keep an open mind but I ain't messin' with the door stops," he delivers.

The sequel track, '$nitches 2 (30's),' produced by SX, is rougher. With a completely different beat -- more than likely meant for the streets than the bedroom -- the lyrics on the effort center on a group of characters getting busted because of a woman who ratted them out. As the 'Wolf of Wall Street' graphics suggest, the first song is the good times had at the beginning of the experience and the second delves into when everyone gets caught. Lupe spits a bit faster here, and the beat coincides perfectly with the commotion he raps about when the cops come in.

"Not the one that was taking pictures / But the main you came with, showin' off as entertainment / She was going over your statements / She was takin' all of your payments to the evidence room while you was boozing all of your faces / You was losing all of your cases," Lupe raps.

The rhymer gave us our first preview of the upcoming album last month when he debuted 'Thot 97.' Hopefully, the next piece of news is the release date for 'Tetsuo & Youth.'

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's '$nitches 2 (30′s)' Feat. Ty Dolla $ign