Kid Cudi spoke to Billboard last week about his state of mind following his highly-publicized issues with depression and drugs. The Ohio native says that he's moved on from that part of his life and also addressed how his music fell out of critical favor.

"I really came out of that drug s---. People don’t know how real it was," Cudi says. "I used drugs to try to fix my depression. It’s funny. When I got arrested [in 2010 with cocaine], people said I was an addict. But I was never an addict; I was just on a ride for a little bit. Playing rock was my way of saying, “F--- everyone.” It wasn’t well-received … The last thing I was catering to was the world."

Cudi says he's happy, however. "But I can go anywhere, whenever I want. My daughter is in one of the best private schools in the nation."

Last year's Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven didn't fare very well and Cudi said that the reception to his music is changing his approach to releasing music.

"That’s why whatever I do next will be free. And I don’t even feel obligated to do Man on the Moon 3 anymore," said Cudi. "It’d be different if the first two were platinum. They’re not even platinum! Man on the Moon 1 is like 860,000 sold. It’s hanging on by a thread."

In a series of tweets after the interview hit the web, Cudi was frank about how dark his state of mind became at one point. Read below: