Morpheus from 'The Matrix'... singing opera? In a car commercial? Yep!

That's exactly what happens in Kia's K900 2014 Super Bowl commercial. The spot features Laurence Fishburne reprising his role as the intimidating, wall of a man known as Morpheus from the blockbuster sci-fi franchise challenging commonly held notions of vehicular luxury. He challenges a couple to select the blue or the red key to determine their fate.

Fans of the franchise know you always bet on red!

Wait, where's Keanu Reeves as Neo, swallowing the blue or red pill? Where's Trinity?

Of course Morpheus shows up in the back seat of the car, lip-syncing opera to demonstrate the luxury of the K900. It's as funny as it is badass.

The commercial effectively challenges the viewer's idea of luxury, since the brand's reputation is that of inexpensive, economy and budget cars that are better to rent than own.

You don't exactly think of Kia when you think of a luxury ride. With Morpheus in the back seat, that notion could very well change sooner than later.