Kevin McCall is clearly not open to criticism from people attending his show -- to the point he will lay hands on his naysayers.

The rapper and singer was performing at a show in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday night (April 27) and serenading a woman onstage, when an audience member began booing him.

"I think I hear some booing. I'm a real east side n----, so if you booing come up to the stage and I'll beat your ass right now," he yelled.

The threats continued. He then said he would beat up the person responsible for the booing in front of all "these sexy ladies" and would also f--- their girlfriends too. A group of men then rushed the stage and and a brawl broke out between between them and K-Mac. It was broken up quickly however, the fight was caught on video by someone attending the show.

McCall is best known for his feature on Chris Brown's 'Deuces' and is also signed to Chris Brown Entertainment. We'll guess that McCall won't be invited back to Melbourne anytime soon.