Kevin Hart stopped by The Breakfast Club for another hilarious interview. Every time Kevin comes by The Breakfast Club there are always a bunch of laughs. Kevin Hart has just released a brand new book this time, explaining some his comedic roots. The book is titled "I Can't Make This Up". The book is a memoir of Kevin Hart's entertainment journey. He shares stories of triumphs and failures. He even opens up about his divorce and domestic violence.

I’m not afraid of being honest, I’m an open book,” Hart, 37, said during the event at the Javits Center. “I’m a person. My life is real, it’s not a façade. … I’m not afraid to show I’m human.”

His 2013 arrest in California for drunk driving, he said, was “the best thing that ever happened” to him and made him realize he needed to get his act together.

Kevin Hart seems like a very down to earth person, and wants his life to be an open book and maybe inspiration for some one else

He said he wrote his new book as motivation for others, to show you can go through the “good, the bad and the ugly” and find success.

“I’m very good at finding a positive out of every negative,” Hart said.

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