Kevin Hart just did his What Now Tour show in Albany at the Times Union Center. The comedy show sold out and has been selling out all across the country. Kevin promised to always make Albany a stop on his tours.

Some people were upset about not being able to use their phone during the show. I caught this in a blog over at times union.

Hart, 36, lives in a social-media world. It’s part of the reason for his fame; the three-minute, hagiographic video clip introducing Hart listed Twitter hashtags including #comedicrockstar. So he really needs to get over himself. In a crowd of 10,000, somebody is going to shoot a video of you and put it on the Internet. Just deal. The rest of the entertainment world does.

While not being able to use your phone at shows might seem absurd at music concert etc... I understand exactly why they don't allow them at comedy shows. Why would Kevin Hart want his entire show on YouTube shot via your iPhone when he pays professionals to record his shows and sells them and releases them to the movie theater.

Also Kevin Hart was literally speaking to a room of 10000 people don't you think its a little distracting for Susie in the front row to sit there and text and tweet during the whole show. Comedy is difficult enough, there are no need for these extra distractions.

Kevin Hart delivers a great show every time I have seen him its a shame that people are trying to run him through the dirt because they can't stay off of Facebook for an hour to enjoy a comedy show.

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