Move over Manning brothers, comedian Kevin Hart and actor Dave Franco show off their rap skills in a new promo video for 'Madden NFL 15.'

It's Madden season, which means things are about to turn ugly. In what seems like a typical visit to Franco's house turns out to be anything but when Hart's eyes light up with fire and he slaps his video game enemy in the face after he opens the door.

"Madden Season is the reason my hand touched your face / That time of year is finally where I put you in your place," Hart delivers over a cinematic beat.

The video gets more ridiculous when Hart stomps in front of Franco's car and signals the entrance of his backup dancers, who not only key the actor's car but also put sugar in his gas tank. As the song continues, Franco goes through more issues and eventually loses his girlfriend to NBA star Damian Lillard. Other cameos include NFL stars Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman.

The hilarious clip culminates with a party in Franco's yard, where he breaks into a rap solo before challenging Hart to a virtual football match. As Franco owns Hart in the game, he eventually lets his house burn because nothing gets in his way from playing 'Madden.'

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