After bragging about sleeping with his cousin and eating weed like a snack, Kevin Gates just might have topped his own ridiculousness. The rapper kicked a woman out of his bed because she refused to perform fellatio on his dog.

Not dog as in his friend -- although that could also be considered freaky -- but dog as in man's best friend.

The strange 'Law' rhymer took to his Instagram page to break down the entire incident. "I hope you didn't think I got in the bed with you just to lay down with you. Bitch you can call Uber for all I care," said Gates. "Ho talking about 'I'm not about to suck no dog d---, that's a dog.' Ho you can call him what you want, but he loyal. I don't get tired."

He then blasts a fan for calling him out on his craziness.

"'Kevin you sick if you want a ho to suck your dog d---," he said, imitating one of his follwers. "Let me tell you something bitch, why you all up on a n---- page, you heard me? I wouldn't even let my dog smell your p----. Wasn't nobody even talking to your ugly ass."

The stories keep getting weirder and weirder with this guy. Is Kevin Grates on one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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