Kevin Gates hops on the emoji wave with his own version of the iPhone add-on that features images of himself and his Bread Winners Association crew. Featuring over 90 cartoon images, including BWA members OG Boobie Black and BWA Ron, his wife Dreka and dog, Bread Winner Dick, the emoji keyboard is available via iTunes.

Gates has had a huge start to 2016 and made a major statement when his Islah album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Solidifying himself as a legit star after bubbling on the periphery for the last five years, Gates proved what a solid fan base, extensive touring and, most importantly, consistent music can do for your career.

Gates’ album dropped the same week as Rihanna’s ANTI project and sold 112,000 copies.While the high sales and chart placement were a testament to Gates’ music, hard work and hardcore fan base, the former XXL Freshman said that an Apple employee told him that he should have debuted at No. 1. 

“The album is No. 2? And then when I went to Apple, they was like, ‘No, it’s really No. 1.’ And I was like whatever, I didn’t care if it was No. 13,” recalled Gates. “She was like, ‘No, but Kevin… Samsung paid for Rihanna’s CDs and that’s not fair, so you’re really #1.’ I said ma’am let me tell you something – and this is what that lady [from Apple] said. I said ma’am, I wouldn’t care if mine was in 100th place.”

Check out some of the Baton Rouge, LA's emoji's, including a banned one, below.

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