File this under "WTF." Public Enemy member Flavor Flav is a proud owner of a life-sized O.J. Simpson statue. We are not kidding.

Flav first unveiled the sculpture of “The Juice” on his Twitter page back in March. Apparently, on an episode of FX Network’s critically acclaimed series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, they featured a replica of the statue. But Flav had to represent and show his fans that he actually owns the real thing.

TMZ caught up with the veteran hype man and he revealed how he was able to obtain his prized statue. Flav was allegedly gifted the sculpture by veteran radio host Mancow Muller, who originally purchased it for $3,250 at an auction in 1999.

Flav said that he tried to give the statue back to Simpson, but the football legend reportedly didn't want it because "they would just take it away again."

The "they" Flav is referring to is the court, which would seize the property again and then probably sell it to help pay off the $33 million civil judgment won by the families of the murdered victims, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Nevertheless, the imposing statue of a barefooted O.J. Simpson is something to look at. It's certainly a conversation piece at the Flavor Flav home that's for sure.

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