The CEO of our Change 4 Change sponsor One United Bank stopped by the studio during the radiothon to donate! Kevin Cohee, is a hands on sponsor, coming into the show today to talk about his thoughts on mental health and how it affects the black community.

"I like to think we all have some mental health issues," says the CEO. When it comes to the black community Cohee thinks it's important to use his company and platform to express the need for social change and support other platforms trying to do the same. "That is 100 percent what the black bank is for.. to serve as a vehicle to organize change in our community."

How does poor mental health have an affect on our community, "It has an economic cost for us as a people. It has a social cost for us as a people. It affects our relationships with each other," explains Cohee. "The foundation of power is being able to take care of yourself."

This year we are donating the funds from our Change 4 Change Radiothon to Project 375. Founded in 2012 by NFL wide-receiver Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi, Project 375 is a national non-profit dedicated to the needs of adolescents by providing parents, teachers and staff members with Youth Mental Health First Aid Training all across the country.

We are in a time now that is calling for change and stigma around mental health.

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