Kendrick Lamar is now selling CD and vinyl copies of untitled unmastered. on his own website. You can buy an autographed CD for $15 or an autographed LP for $26.


Kanye West may be over the whole 'pressing physical copies of his music' thing but that doesn't appear to be the case at TDE. With Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered. project out in the digital streets, hip-hop heads are wondering when hard copies will made available.

And their answer is: not very long at all. Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tiffith responded to a few fan questions Monday night (Mar. 7) signaling that while Kendrick's latest got the secret drop treatment, it will also be made available in more conventional formats. "Are we getting hard copies of untitled unmastered this week?" a fan asked. Tiffith's response was short and sweet: "yep." And once more, "vinyl anytime in the future as well?" a fan inquired. Staying consistent, Tiffith answered with another "yep."

The two tweets are obviously brief, so there's no word yet on the number of vinyl pressings or what the eight track project will cost, but Top has been a man of his word lately, letting untitled unmastered. go after promising a new TDE project last week. He even telegraphed the drop some when he told LeBron James in late February to give him a few days to think about releasing Kendrick's untitled works. If there's anything to glean from the whole untitled unmastered. rollout it's that even an unplanned or spontaneous release comes with its fair share of calculation, the pressing of hard copies included.

Peep Tiffith's tweets below and be on the lookout for untitled unmastered. at record stores and music retailers soon.

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