Summer is almost here and what better way to celebrate than to have a backyard party with your friends and family. That’s the motif in Kelly Rowland‘s new video for ‘Summer Dreaming.’ The song is actually a remix of the 90′s hit song of the same name by Kate Yanai.

In the clip, the R&B cutie is wearing a colorful sundress as she sings the feel-good song. Later she crashes an outdoor party in a printed top and denim shorts. She then hits the turntables and deejays for the crowd of good-looking twenty-somethings as they sip on Barcardi drinks. Overall, it looks like everyone was having fun.

The visual was shot in Barcelona by Annick Wolfers and it looks gorgeous. According to K.Row, ‘Summer Dreaming’ represents everything that’s good in the warm season. “When you think about dreaming, you think about summer, you think about colors, you think about fabrics that blow in the wind and shorts and hot pants, which everybody is wearing right now,” she says. “It just makes you feel cool and sexy and fly.”

Watch the Kelly Rowland ‘Summer Dreaming’ Video