As Kelis prepares to release her new album 'Food,' an appetizing tune leaked online. The torch ballad 'Rumble,' finds the singer yearning for her ex-boyfriend's love despite kicking him to the curb.

The slow-burning R&B song boasts a smooth piano groove and blaring horns. Kelis delivers her emotional vocals pleading with her boyfriend to leave despite still having feelings for him.

"I know I said leave but baby, don’t go! / We got so much history / I hurt you, you hurt me / No we don’t need therapy / What I need is you to leave," she sings.

If this is what Kelis is bringing on her new album, you can expect raw, unadulterated songs about the pitfalls of love.

In an interview with Hip Hollywood, Kelis describes the album as dramatic with live instrumentation. "I’m really excited about it," she said.

The 34-year-old singer recorded the entire album with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek who lives close by. She said the recording process consisted of band playing and eating.

“It was a huge band, so people were there, and people are hungry," she explains. "So we were eating, and recording, and singing, and eating some more and it was a lot of that."

Kelis' 'Food' is set to arrive in stores on April 22. The collection features 13 morsels of alternative soul. You can check out the LP's tracklist here.

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