Footage from the aftermath of Kanye West's alleged criminal battery incident early this morning has surfaced online.

Late this afternoon (Jan. 13), TMZ posted video of the moments following Ye allegedly punching a man who was asking for an autograph in the early morning hours on Thursday. According to Los Angeles' Fox 11, a fan saw Kanye sitting in his car and proceeded to approach him. Once he got to Yeezy, however, things escalated to the point where the rapper got out of his car, began yelling expletives and then punched the fan.

A rep for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the incident with XXL today.

The footage that has surfaced on the internet appears to show the moments following the altercation. Kanye, who's currently recording songs for his Donda 2 album, is seen in the street, yelling at a woman who is asking him to give her his hand.

"Get away from me!" he yelled, as he stormed to the sidewalk. The woman is heard telling Ye that she is his family. "Ain't no hands!" he shouted.

"No, no! You were supposed to talk to her!" he exclaimed at the woman.

They begin moving away from the scene while the person filming the camera pans down for a brief moment and shows who is presumably the man that initially approached Kanye laying on the ground with papers sprawled out in front of him.

The cameraman asks, "Why did he just do that? What is wrong with him?"

As Kanye and the group of people begin to move out of earshot, the man filming adds, "Can you please call the cops?" It is unclear based on the angle of the footage who he is speaking.

Fox 11 reported that the incident happened around 3 a.m. this morning. Police were called and a report was filed. According to the news outlet, the battery is being considered a misdemeanor charge, which means that if Ye had stayed at the scene there's a high probability that he wouldn't have been arrested.

A misdemeanor battery means Kanye is facing a maximum fine of $2,000 and maximum jail sentence of six months, according to California's legislative guidelines.

XXL has contacted a rep for the rapper and the Los Angeles Police Department for additional information on the situation.

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