Kanye West is cutting it real close. The rapper-producer is reportedly still tinkering with his highly anticipated album, 'Yeezus.'

The New York Post reveals that Yeezy is in a Paris studio trying to create some radio-friendly songs for the project. Apparently, the mixed reactions he received for 'New Slaves' and 'Black Skinhead' has him concerned about the response to his new album.

However, a source told the newspaper that while West is still adding some finishing touches to the LP, it's not because of any "negative reaction" to the music.

West reportedly also hired some "marketing muscle" for the project. Amy Thomson, the marketing guru behind Swedish House Mafia's current success, has come aboard as a consultant.

She might not need to do anything since excitement for the album is already at a fever pitch.

Also contrary to reports, the all-red Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers will not be available on the same day as the album. The kicks will arrive in stores later this year, according to a Nike rep.

Recently, customers at New York's clothing retailer Atrium were treated to a preview of 'Yeezus' when West brought the album into the store to play while he browsed through the racks.

An Atrium rep tweeted, “Mr. West gave . . . a little taste of his new album at the store this morning. Nice way to start the day.”

Kanye West's 'Yeezus' is set to hit stores on June 18.