Are Kanye West and Antonio Brown about to become NFL team owners?

Earlier this week, on Tuesday (March 8), TMZ caught up with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Antonio Brown and asked him a variety of questions, including if he was still planning to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss purchasing the Denver Broncos.

"Tell Roger [Goodell] call me," Brown replied. "We working on it."

"You and Kanye are really seriously about NFL ownership, huh?" the interviewer asked.

“We're extremely serious about it. We're working towards it to get it done," AB responded.

According to the report, people believe that the price tag on the Broncos is somewhere around $4 million. ESPN reported the cost will likely set the record for any North American sports franchise ever. The NFL team went up for sale earlier this year.

This news follows Kanye appointing AB as the president of his Donda Sports venture. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player tweeted last month about his and Ye's interest in purchasing the Broncos.

Brown made headlines near the beginning of this year when he stormed off the field during a Buccs' game against the New York Jets. He removed his gear while still on the sidelines and walked through the end zone while the game was still live on a different portion of the field.

Brown was let go from the Buccs that day, Jan. 2, and never returned to the NFL to play throughout the rest of the season. Both AB and Kanye are scheduled to perform at Rolling Loud later this summer.

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