How can you not love that happy doggo look on her face?  This highly trained, very good girl was instrumental in helping the New York State Police in a drug and gun bust on Friday that resulted in the confiscation of cocaine and an illegally possesed handgun.  Her work led to the arrest of two men in Albany according to State Police.

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K9 Amber gets all the treats for a job well done.

According to a Facebook post by the New York State Police, Amber's sniffer was able to snuff out some bad guys in Albany.  During a traffic stop on the New York State Thruway in Albany, two men were arrested after she detected over five ounces of cocaine and a handgun, which was illegally possessed according to the New York State Police.

Amber is a member of Troop T with the State Police in Albany, and she's handled by Trooper Mark A. Castiglione.  This Dutch Shepard is a specialist in the fields of narcotics, patrol and tracking. She graduated from the academy two years ago, and turned 4-years-old in June.

According to a report from the Times Union, K9 Amber is named after Trooper Robert W. Ambrose, who died on Dec. 19, 2002, in Yonkers, Westchester County.  He was only 31-years-old.

Ambrose, according to the TU, "was investigating a crash on the state Thruway when a drunken driver slammed into the back of his troop car. The troop car caught fire and three people — one of the drivers involved in the original crash, the drunken driver and the trooper — were killed."

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