Justin Timberlake's "comeback" album 'The 20/20 Experience' has parked itself in the top slot of the Billboard Top 200 charts for weeks. It has sold well, to say the least -- north of a million copies since its March release. Thankfully, we won't have to wait another six-and-a-half years. The chasm between '20/20' and 2006's iconic 'Future Sex/Love Sounds' was nearly too much to bear.

JT already has a new album planned and is eyeing a November release. He's clearly making up for lost time.

The new release will include material from the '20/20' sessions, blended with brand new tracks as well.

Producer J-Roc, a protégé of Timbaland, spoke with MTV News about the material, saying, "Before we came to the 10 [songs] that he wanted and the two bonus tracks, we had over 30, 40 tracks."

"So I think he's going to go in," he added. "We're going to take some of the stuff that we've already done, and of course create more music at the same time."

Borrowing from the old to make something new appears to be a Timberlake specialty, since his current, crazy catchy '20/20' single 'Mirrors' was crafted from a song that was being worked on back in 2009. It was revived and got a makeover.

J-Roc shared, "We segued each piece to go into another song, so if you were to break it up, that second part of 'Mirrors' is like a song by itself."

"Once we got all the songs that [Timberlake] knew he wanted on this album, then that's when we began to tie everything together, and the second part just fell in order," he said.

We doubt anyone will complain about getting the chance to hear a new JT record so soon.

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