Justin Timberlake and Jay Z kicked off their co-headlining Legends of the Summer Tour Wednesday night (July 17) in Toronto. According to Billboard, it was a fun and playful concert between the two music powerhouses.

Backed by a 14-piece band and a huge video screen, JT and JZ started the show with their collaborative song 'Holy Grail' from Hov's No. 1 album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail.'

"What's up? I feel like tonight's going to be special," Jay told the 45,000 people who packed Rogers Centre (as witnessed by the Toronto Sun). "I like how this is going tonight. You are making us feel right at home. We appreciate all your love."

The entire concert consists of the two superstars performing their chart-topping hits either together or alone.

Judging by the set list (see below), Timberlake and Jay Z performed a few of their classic hits mixed with newer tunes, including 'Suit & Tie,' 'Run This Town,' 'Sexy Back,' 'Empire State of Mind,' 'Cry Me a River,' 'Tom Ford,' 'My Love,' 'Big Pimpin',' 'Take Back the Night' and 'Hard Knock Life,' among many others.

Timberlake also showcased his musicianship playing an array of instruments including piano and acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, Jay Z showed off his microphone skills and ability to move the crowd.

The one significant highlight of the night came at the end when the dynamic duo came out for an encore.

Timberlake began singing the earnest lines of Alphaville's 'Forever Young' with Jay Z taking over to rap his conscious rhymes from 'Young Forever.' Both men dedicated their songs to the late Florida teen Trayvon Martin, who was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who was acquitted Saturday (July 14) of second-degree murder.

"Sing this for Trayvon," said JT. "Peace and love," added Jay Z. "We are the legends of summer."


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